Cookie Policy

Effective date: 17 July 2020

We believe in being transparent about how we use your data and how we collect it. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we use cookies and similar technologies to use and collect data. Our Cookie Policy (“Policy”) below illustrates to you when and how we utilise these technologies for your reference. When you use our services, you acknowledge and consent to the use of our cookies and similar technologies for the purposes listed in the Policy below.

1. The technologies we use

1.1 Cookies
Cookies are beneficial and will enhance your user experience. The purpose of using cookies is for us to track what your preferences are and also for us to recognise who you are.

A cookie is a small text file that our website creates and stores in your device either temporarily or permanently. A cookie that is temporary is called a session cookie. A session cookie will only last for as long as your visit to our website lasts. Conversely, a persistent cookie will stay in your device whenever you return to use our services as it can recognise that you are already an existing user.

1.2 Local storage
We use local storage. What local storage does is that it allows our website to locally store your information right onto your device. Using local storage enhances your experience because it speeds up the functionality of your site and also remembers your preferences.

1.3 Pixels
We use pixels, so that we can improve on your user experience as it allows us to learn more about how you interact with our content, such as posts or advertisements. Pixels may enable both third parties and us to place any cookies on your browser.

1.4 Other similar technologies
We may also use other kinds of tracking technologies for similar purposes that are described within this Policy.

2. The purpose of using these technologies

2.1 Making your experience safer and more efficient
We use cookies and other kinds of similar technologies for many reasons. One of them is for authentication purposes so that we can verify your identity and to identify who you are. Another reason is for security purposes. Cookies and similar technologies help to keep our community safe by detecting malicious activity and any instances where our Terms of Service have been violated. Cookies and similar technologies also help to speed up your site functionality and provide you with customised content as they store useful information about what your preferences are.

2.2 For advertising purposes
When you enable cookies, you are able to view more relevant sponsored content and advertisements. This will help us and our advertisers to gauge and measure how such advertisements are performing. One example of how cookies are utilised is that we are able to find out whether or how you have interacted with an advertisement, such as if you have purchased the item after seeing the advertisement on another site. Cookies and similar technologies are important for our service providers and our partners because they can see if we have shown these advertisements to you, while also providing important information such as the performance of the advertisements or how you interacted with them.

3. Your options

We do not force the use of these technologies on you. If you are uncomfortable with our use of cookies and similar technologies, you may disable this option in the settings. Do note that your user experience may not be as customised or personalised to who you are as a user if you do so.

You may also control the use of cookies through your browser settings and erase them at any time. You should consult your browser manufacturer regarding their browser controls.