Privacy Policy

Effective date: 17 July 2020

pleyces (“we” or “us”) is a digital social network for you to connect with others based on your shared places. The protection of your personal information is a top priority for us. We want you to enjoy our services and feel safe when you are doing so. We want to be transparent about the collection, usage of your data, and the sharing of your data. We offer you choices regarding how your data is collected, used, and shared.

The Privacy Policy (“Policy”) and any of its updates apply when you use our services, whether you are a Member or just a Visitor of our services Members refer to our registered users who can share content while visitors refer to non-members who are able to view some but not all the content.

We might make changes to this Policy. These changes will apply to your use of our services after the “effective date”. We retain our rights to make any changes or modifications to this Policy. If we make any material changes to this Policy, we will provide you a notice in advance. This provides you a chance to review any changes before we will make them effective. You are given the option to deactivate or terminate your account if you object to any of these possible changes.

If you continue the use of our services after we have provided you notice or made these changes effective to this Policy, you acknowledge that the usage, collection, or how we share your personal information and data will be subject to the new Privacy Policy, following the effective date.

1. Collection of Data

We have to process and collect information about our users so that we can provide our services. If you object to the collection of your data, you may always visit our settings to control how you can delete or access the information and data that we collect from you.

1.1 Registration

We require your full name, your email address, and a password when you want to register for an account with us.

1.2 Profile

You can control and choose what you would like to display on your profile. This information may include your occupation, the places you have travelled to, your country of residence, your personal photos, and others. Please do not share or add personal information and data that you do not want to be known publicly.

1.3 Uploading and Posting Content 

Whenever you upload or post something like a picture, or your loved places, we collect this data from you. You can always choose not to upload or post any sensitive or personal information or data although it may limit the ability for you to engage with the community on pleyces.

1.4 Network and connections

We engage in data collection regarding the people, profiles, and groups that you connect with on our services and how you interact with them, such as the users that you interact with the most.

1.5 Cookies

We use cookies to collect data. Cookies are used for ad-related purposes such as to track how you use our services so that our advertisers can engage you better. Cookies will allow you to see advertisements that are more relevant to you. Please refer to our Cookie Policy to find out more.

1.6 Location and device information

We collect location data. When you use our services, we will be receiving information on the URL of both the website you visited earlier and the one you visit afterward at the time of your visit. In addition to that, we will receive relevant information about your device and network such as your IP address, operating system, among others. If you visit our site through your mobile device, we will receive information about your current location, in line with the settings you have enabled on your phone. We will ask you first if you agree to the use of these tools that identifies your precise location before we collect this data from you. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or object to the collection of data of your location, you may always disable it in the settings.

1.7 Your usage of our services

When you use plecys, we collect data regarding how you engage with our services. We log when you use and visit our services. This information includes the profiles that you visit, the users you interact with, the features you use, the types of actions you engage in and the duration, and frequency of your activities. 

1.8 Information others provide about you

At pleyces, other users can post content about you. We analyse any type of information, communications, or content that other users provide us with when they use our services. The information that other users provide may include information about you such as when they interact with you through messages or share a photo of you.

1.9 Others

We are constantly working on making our services better for you. Sometimes we may decide to introduce new features for our users. This may require us to collect new information from you. If we have to collect personal data that is materially different or materially change how we share, collect or use your data, we will provide you notice. You acknowledge that this Policy is subject to changes. 

2. Usage of Data

We need to use your data in order to develop, support, and provide our services to you. The way we use your personal information and data is dependent on the services you engage in, the preferences you have indicated in your settings, and how you choose to use these services. This data, which is also collected with the help of automated systems, will help us to personalise our services to benefit you better. Therefore, we can show you more useful and relevant advertisements so that we can make your experience using our services better and more meaningful. 

2.1 Improving and Personalising Our services

We use your data so that we can personalise our services for you to have a more enjoyable experience. We may personalise the content and features you see, while also making suggestions to you. To provide a personalised experience for you, we will use the data that we have collected from you such as how you interact or use our services, the content that you are interested in, your connections, among other things. 

We may also make use of your location-related information that you have shared with us with your consent, such as your country of residence or the places you would like to visit so that we can improve our services and show you advertisements that would be more relevant or useful to you. If you allow us to collect the precise location of your device, we might use it too. 

We also use your data when we engage in the research and development of our services. We do this by conducting research and survey, and also by troubleshooting or testing any new features that we may roll out. 

The personal information that you have shared with us such as your actions and interests may affect the type of advertisements and sponsored content that we show to you. You may always exercise your right to choose how we use our data for these purposes in your settings.

2.2 Providing analytics, business services and measurements.

The data that we have about you may be used to help our partners such as advertisers so that they can learn about the effectiveness of their advertisements. Also, they will be able to gain a better and deeper understanding of who engages with their products and services. 

2.3 Communicating with You

With your information, we can share with you more about our services, policies, and terms, in addition to any marketing communications that would be useful for you. If you contact us, we will use your information to respond to your concerns. 

3. Sharing of Data

You can control who you want your data to be shared with in your settings. Otherwise, any action that is related to your profile such as comments or posts that you engage in while using our services will be viewed by other users, as long that they are in line with the preferences that you have indicated in your settings. 

3.1 Your Profile 

Your profile can be viewed by the users of our services. If you choose to make the information in your public profile, they can be viewed by anyone, even if they are Visitors who do not have an account. This public information includes your username, photos, comments, and others. You may always control the visibility of your profile in your settings.   

3.2 Content that Others Share About You

You should exercise discretion whenever you want to share your content with any other users because other users may share your content with an audience different from the ones that you have shared it with. They may do so by downloading or taking a screenshot of a message or photo that you have sent to that user. Other users of our services may share content that includes you with the audience that they want to, such as a photo or video of you. If you disagree to other users sharing your personal data, you may report the content for our review. 

3.3 What We Share with Third-Party Partners

We do not charge our users for using our services. Therefore, we engage with third-party partners who help us to make our services better. However, please be rest assured that we will never sell your personal information to any third-party. Whenever we disclose your personal data, there are very strict restrictions regarding how our third-party partners can use this data.

Our advertisers receive reports from us regarding the type of users that are viewing their advertisements, on top of how their advertisements are performing. We do not share data that can identify you directly such as sensitive information like your email address or name unless you give us permission to do so. In these reports, our advertisers will receive general demographic information such as age groups which can help them to learn, improve and gain understanding about their audience. Our advertisers will also know which were the specific advertisements that led our users to purchase their products or services. 

We also share your information with our measurement partners. They help us aggregate the large amounts of data we receive so that we can provide measurement reports to our partners. 

If there are legal requests regarding your data, we will share your information with law enforcement. You may refer to Section 5.2 of this Policy to find out more. 

4. Your Choices and Obligations

4.1 Deactivation or Deletion of Account

If you decide to deactivate or delete your account, you acknowledge that we keep some of your data even after the closure of your account. There are a few reasons why we do so including operational or legal needs to retain your data. We may also need to keep your data to resolve any disputes, to maintain security, for the prevention of abuse or fraud, if we need to maintain regulatory requirements or if we need to enforce our Terms of service. 

Once you choose to deactivate or delete your account, your personal information and data will not be able to be viewed by others within 24 hours. Generally, we will delete the information tied to your deleted account within thirty days that you have closed it unless for the reasons stated in the previous paragraph. When you choose to delete your account, the content that you have shared or posted will be deleted by us. You will not be able to recover information from your closed account. Do note that information that you have shared with other users or that other users have shared about you before you closed your account is not counted as part of your account and we will not delete it. Your de-personalised information will be retained by us even after you have closed your account.

If you want to stop using our services temporarily, you may deactivate instead of deleting your account. You may deactivate or delete your account at any time here

4.2 Retention of Your Data 

As long as your account remains open or as needed to provide you with our services, most of your personal information and data will be kept by us. Within the data that we retain included that which has been provided to us by yourselves or by others. This data also includes data that we have inferred or generated when you use our services. Unless you close your account, we will be retaining your data and keep your account open even if you use our services very sparingly. 

4.3 Your Rights Regarding the Control of your Data 

You have the option to delete or access any of the personal data you have chosen to share with us. You are always given the option to choose your data preferences – in the way that it is shared, collected, or used. You may exercise your right to tweak your data preferences any time you want to do so in your settings. If you have any objections regarding the personal data that has been collected by us, you have the option to do a few things that will be listed below. 

You may ask us to delete or erase some or all of your personal information or data if you do not want to use our services anymore. If there have been errors regarding the personal information or data in your account, you may always edit your information. You also have the right to request that we do not use some or all of your data (e.g. if we do not have the legal right to continue using it) or to limit our use of your data (e.g. if there are inaccuracies in your personal data or if is held unlawfully). You may also contact us to request a copy of the personal data you have shared with us on our services. At the same time, a machine- readable form of a copy of your personal data can be provided by us for you upon request. 

5. Other Important Information

5.1 Cross-Border Data Transfers

We may use or store data outside the country that you use our services. We process this data both within and outside Germany. We do abide by legal mechanisms that ensure that the transfer of data is lawful. We may process data in other countries. However, their laws may not be as protective as the laws in your country are.

5.2 Lawful Bases for Data Processing

Even though we engage in using your data, collecting, and sharing it, we only do so when we have lawful bases to do so. These lawful bases include consent, contract, and “legitimate interest”. If we require your consent to process your personal information and data, you always have the option to decline the consent you have provided us at any given moment. If we rely on “legitimate interests”, you can always exercise your right to object to it. Do contact us at if you have any queries regarding these lawful bases upon which we use or collect your personal information and data. 

Regardless, you are always given options and choices regarding how you prefer us to use your personal information or data. You can any time withdraw the consent regarding your data preferences by visiting your settings. 

5.3 Contact Us

If you have any enquiries, feedback or complaints regarding this Policy, please contact us at We will try our best to resolve your concerns.